Crush Grinding,Crush Form Grinding,Multi-Form Crush Grinding
Crush Grinding,Crush Form Grinding,Multi-Form Crush Grinding


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Having problems with parts distorting in heat treat? Crush Grinding can be the solution!

What are the advantages of Crush Grinding?

  • The finish O.D. form can be crush ground after heat treat or nitriding.
  • The whole OD form is created at the same time, which establishes consistency from part to part—a real plus where interchangeability is an issue!
  • Ground 32 finish or better.
  • Eliminates or minimizes burrs by developing break edges or radii on the crush form.
  • Diameters of the form are concentric to each other.
  • Accuracy and repeatability: diametrical .0005, linear .001.
  • Lower cost per part—for example: grind 6 grooves all at once, as opposed to putting 6 grooves in one at time!


Crush Grinding is not limited to heat treated parts.
Crush Grinding can also be used on mild steels, brass, aluminum and plastic, as well as chrome-plated parts. In other words, if it can be machined, it is a good candidate for Crush Grinding.


What else can Wesval offer?

    We specialize in Hydraulic Assemblies and Precision Machining.

    We can grind and lap spherical diameters to .0001 tolerance.

    Need additional manufacturing capacity? As a fully-equipped job shop, Wesval can provide grinding, honing and machining of customer supplied parts, or we can manufacture complete to customer drawings and specifications.

    Our quality system is based on Mil-I-45208.

Call us today at 714-870-0990 or explore our web site further for more information.

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